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For the past couple of days I was very disturbed watching an award declaration. The Ramnath Goenka Award given to Prakash Noolvi of TV9 for the investigative story on the continuing Devadasi tradition in a region in Karnataka. The cause of this bold award turned my thoughts topsy turvy. A brutal system in which the luminous delicate creation of god are abused in the name of ‘Devadasi’. They are the servant of god, who is untouchable in the day but as soon as the light sheds, the dark hands of lust crushes their self – respect, forcing them into a life they never deserved. This tradition exists around me with intense thick roots.

I cannot think that such practises are yet continuing in this modern century. It is shameful not only for the Devadasis, but for each one of us who allow all these atrocities to happen around us. The question that seeks answer from the modern society is: “Do Gods have any role in this man-made tradition?” In the name of humanity, it is time that we uproot this tradition and eradicated it from the face of earth.

I still wonder that in all these years of social working I could never hear the voice of the Devadasis. It is not because I never looked after them. It is because they themselves have isolated in to this uncouth customs and traditional beliefs. Still, I am the one making a humble step towards them and their lives. Being a Devangra resident it is my prime duty to help the one who belongs to me. In this case als0 the common thing I could see is that, no girl from the upper caste becomes a Devadasi. It is always the lower caste girls who suffer from poverty and poor living conditions are attracted or forced in becoming a Devadasi.

My mind is full of questions now. What is the need for having Devadasis? Will there be an end for this custom? What can be done by the government to help these helpless lives? How to gain them reputation and social status in the society? How to convince them to educate themselves and their children? Here, my journey starts in a new phase…

Will be Continued…. Part 1 of 5

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